Adobe Flash Professional CC 13.0多語言正式版附破解

Adobe Flash Professional CC軟件是用於創建動畫和多媒體內容的強大的創作平台。設計身臨其境、而且在台式計算機和平板電腦、智能手機和電視等多種設備中都能呈現一致效果的互動體驗。Adobe Flash Professional CC軟件內含強大的工具集,具有排版精確、版面保真和豐富的動畫編輯功能,能幫助您清晰地傳達創作構思。新版主要功能:•同步設定•支生64 位架構•增強及簡化的UI•Full HD 視訊和音效轉存•全新的程序代碼編輯器•透過USB 進行行動測試•改進的HTML 發布•實時繪圖和實時色彩預覽•時間軸增強功能•無限制的繪圖板大小•自定義元數據​​。


Adobe Flash Professional CC 13.0多語言正式版附破解

Adobe Flash Professional CC新功能介紹:

NEW 64-bit architecture M1

Re-engineered from the ground up, 64-bit Flash Professional CC is more modular and delivers unprecedented speed and stability. Ea​​sily manage multiple large files, publish more quickly, and experience a more responsive timeline.


Sync Fonts — part of Creative Cloud — will change the way you work with type. Quickly find the perfect font from the growing library of Adob​​e Typekit fonts, sync it to your system, and have it immediately available for use.

COMING SOON Sync Settings

Work the way you like on any of your computers — Mac or PC. Synchronize your workspace settings to Creative Cloud — including Illustrator preferences, presets, brushes, and libraries — so they go where you go.

NEW Simplified user interface

Focus clearly on your content with a streamlined user interface. Dialog boxes and panels are more intuitive and easier to navigate. Choose between a light or dark user interface.

NEW Testing and debugging via USB

Test and debug your content in fewer steps by connecting multiple iOS and Android ™ mobile devices directly to your computer via USB.

NEW Timeline time-savers

Manage properties across multiple selected layers in the Timeline panel. Easily swap symbols or bitmap images on the stage. Select multiple objects on a layer and distribute them to key frames with a single click.
Adobe Flash Professional CC 13.0多語言正式版附破解

NEW Unlimited pasteboard size

Easily manage large backgrounds or content that's positioned offstage with an unlimited pasteboard/work area.

NEW Powerful code editor

Write code more efficiently using the new code editor, built with the open source Scintilla library. Search across multiple files using a new Find and Replace panel to update code fast.

NEW Real-time drawing

See full previews instantly — with fill and stroke color — as you draw, using any of the shape tools in Flash Professional. Your designs will take shape faster than ever before.

NEW Code profiling in Adob​​e Scout CC

Detect potential problems in your code earlier in your workflow by integrating with Scout, a tool that offers advanced profiling and analysis of items such as CPU, GPU, memory use, and performance.

NEW Custom metadata APIs

Design layouts, dialog boxes, game assets, or game levels using a new set of JavaScript APIs. Assign properties to these elements as you create them in Flash Professional.

Object-based animation

Generate smooth animations and control attributes like speed or easing by applying settings directly to objects. Use intuitive Bezier handles to make adjustments to motion settings.

Wide platform and device support

Reach a wider audience on both Android and iOS devices by exporting or targeting your content for the latest Adob​​e AIR® and Flash Player runtimes.



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安裝和註冊方法請參考:裡的Adobe Illustrator CC安裝說明。


Adobe Flash Professional CC 13.0多語言正式版附破解






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