Readiris Corporate 16.0.0 Build 9472 多語言中文註冊版-OCR光學文字識別


Readiris Corporate 16 是一款幾乎支持全世界語言文字的OCR光學文字識別軟件。特別是對於國內用戶,支持簡體中文、繁體中文、日文、韓文等亞洲語言那是比不可少的。Readiris Corporate pro號稱具有最好的漢字識別系統,漢字識別能力達到前所未有的準確!可以支持多達128種的文字語言的識別。





Readiris Corporate 16 是一款幾乎支持全世界語言文字的OCR光學文字識別軟件。特別是對於國內用戶,支持簡體中文、繁體中文、日文、韓文等亞洲語言那是比不可少的。Readiris Corporate pro號稱具有最好的漢字識別系統,漢字識別能力達到前所未有的準確!可以支持多達128種的文字語言的識別。B4

Readiris Corporate 16 還可以把紙張、PDF文件、圖片文件掃瞄成可以編輯的文字,然後用你喜歡的編輯器進行編輯。Readiris加入亞洲語言包就可以識別中文文字的圖片,紙張,PDF等文檔啦,非常方便文字辦公人員以及設計師的文字輸入編輯了!



Readiris Corporate 16 是一款專業的文字OCR識別工具軟件,其強大的識別能力和豐富的字庫可使識別率達到98%以上。目前最新的Readiris Corporate 16 適用於Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10等系統平台,加入亞洲語言包後,簡繁體中文、英文、德語、日韓……統統拿下!識別出來的圖文混排照樣能夠遵照原來的版式不變。圖文報紙的識別準確率不低於96%,日常公文的識別準確率不低於99%!還支持掃瞄儀的OCR識別,支持PDF文字識別、數碼相機拍攝識別。

Readiris Corporate 16主要特點:
輕鬆導出到Word 、Excel 、Acrobat(pdf)……

Readiris Corporate 16 支持 簡 繁體中文、日文、韓文、俄語、荷蘭語、英文、德文、西班牙文、希伯來文、阿拉伯文等多達128種主流文字語言的識別。

Readiris Corporate 16.0.0 Build 9472 多語言中文註冊版-OCR光學文字識別

New features of Readiris 16

New Interface

The ergonomy of the Readiris interface has been improved.

OCR Quality Indicator

When you scan or open a document, you instantly get a 「Try again」 warning message and Troubleshooting tips (「Get more help」 message) if there are recognition problems with your page.

Right-click Conversion

You can select the document(s) you want to recognize and convert them to Word, Excel or Pdf directly from your desktop, without opening Readiris.

Support of New Input Formats

You can open Microsoft Office (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) documents and combine them with image files like PDF or TIFF to generate new files such as a PDF searchable file.

Line Removal

You can remove horizontal and/or vertical lines from your document to facilitate the recognition process and improve the recognition quality.

Dither Removal

If you have image files containing text in colored background and scanned in black and white, you can remove the dithering (i.e. black & white spots) to facilitate the recognition process and improve the recognition quality.

Automatic Scanner Detection

Readiris 16 performs an automatic scanner detection the first time you scan with an installed scanner. The current supported devices are mainly I.R.I.S., Canon and HP devices.

Improved Text Corrector

You can link the zoom levels of the original image and the recognized text and have a synchronized view.

Improved Thumbnail Handling

Easy Thumbnails Navigation

You can easily navigate through the page thumbnails in the Pages panel.

Split Pages Into Multiple Documents (Readiris Corporate only)
You can create separate, final documents by splitting them in the Pages panel.

Readiris Corporate 16 更新記錄:
– New version of the recognition engine
– The ability to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into indexed PDFs
– Access to document conversion by right-clicking with the mouse
– New user interface
– Addition of a quality indicator for imported documents
– Improved tool to handle pages within a document
– Automatic detection of IRIS scanners
– New version of the image pre-processing engine
– Improved perspective correction module

註:若第一次啟動顯示為英文界面,請點開「settings」-「User Interface Language」(或直接用ctrl+U快捷鍵打開)把界面語言設置為繁體中文即可。



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