EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician / Professional 11.5.0 Multilingual


EaseUS Data Recovery完整、安全、快速的救回遺失的資訊,不論是個人電腦、筆記型電腦、硬碟、數位設備、儲存裝置,伺服器,RAID等裝置,或是因為誤刪除、格式化、系統崩潰、操作不當、中毒,硬碟分區遺失等任何未知的原因,皆有幫助。




恢復從各種儲存裝置中所遺失的檔案,包括硬碟、USB設備、SD記憶卡等EaseUS資料救援嚮導 (EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard),100%安全的資料救援軟體,我們有自信比業界任何其他的資料救援軟體所能恢復的更徹底、更有效率!它提供強大的掃描功能來掃描磁碟上每個資料區域的所有字節,以恢復遺失的檔案。

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, completely safe and effective hard drive data recovery software, provides reliable data recovery solution to save all kinds of data loss scenarios. It enables you to recover unlimited types of files from PC/laptop, hard drive, lost or raw partition, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, music player or other storage devices due to deleting, formatting, partition loss, partition inaccessibility, virus attack or other unknown reasons. Just need 3 simple steps to retrieve all your lost data.

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery Software
- Completely recover lost data from PC/laptop, hard drive, server, digital device and storage media.
- Recover lost data due to deleting, formatting, partition loss, virus attacking, improper operation or other unknown reasons.

Quickly and Easily Retrieve All Lost Files
After program starts, it will automatically perform ‘quick scan’ to quickly scan your hard drive, lost hard drive or storage device to find the lost files in just 1 minute. You can conveniently preview and locate the files your need. If you don’t find the lost files you need, you can opt to click ‘deep scan’ to check your hard drive or storage sector by sector and find all the lost or hidden files.

- Quick scan finds deleted files and lost files emptied from Recycle Bin.
- Deep scan finds formatted, inaccessible or lost data completely.

Apply to All Data Loss Situation and Devices
The reliable hard drive data recovery software allows you to not only recover lost data from PC, laptop or hard drive, bust also recover lost data from USB drive, SD card, digital device or other storage media.

- Recover whatever you lost, such as images, documents, videos, music, emails, archives etc.
- Any Data Loss Situation: recover data due to deleting, formatting, inaccessibility or raw, virus attacking, improper operation etc.
- Recover data from PC, Laptop, hard drive, USB drive, SD/Memory Card, Digital Cameras or other storage media.
- Support large hard disk up to 8 TB.

Flexible & Precise and Time-saving
- Specify your recovery file types before scanning for precise searching results.
- Pause and restart the scanning process later when you have time.
- Preview before recovery: check the file details, quality before you decide to recover.
- Filter your search by file name, type, date to find files quickly.
- Save scanning result, and you can import it to perform another recovery without scanning again.

Reliable, Safe and Easy-to-Use
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard have provided the best data recovery solution for helping millions of users retrieve lost data since 2004. Clear interface makes it very easy-to-use and suitable for any users.

- Read-only, risk-free and cost-effective data recovery software, trusted by millions of users.
- Retrieve lost data within only 3 simple steps.
- Easy-to-use, no prior recovery experience required.



1:關閉Internet  安裝軟體,安裝完成後不要啟動軟體。  
2:複製<安裝目錄> 下的\ CONFIG.DAT到桌面進行編輯(用記事本打開),並添加  offline=1 存檔。複製CONFIG.DAT回安裝目錄下替代。
3:複製 offline.cmd到安裝目錄下貼上,並以系統管理員執行。
4:在你的防毒軟體裡排除<安裝目錄>下的 \ DRWUI.exe,以屏蔽DRWUI.exe到列入黑名單。
5:啟動EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard  點啟動  以系統管理員執行Keygen 點Generate取得註冊碼  複製註冊碼  貼上 啟動  取得機器碼  複製機器碼
回keygen貼在machine code裡,出現的activation code複製回第二步機器碼貼上 確定 啟動成功。



Home Page - http://www.easeus.com/


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